Glitter Cup Review


The glitter cup review is a fun way to review your old favorites pieces (previously graduated pieces). It’s a system that also tracks which piece you have reviewed during the week within this system. It’s not necessary to track pieces with additional chart, saving you time! Tracking your review pieces is a good idea, this way you don’t leave anything out. There is nothing worse than not practicing Go Tell Aunt Rhody for 8 weeks and then come concert time you realize that you have no idea how to play Go Tell anymore! 

This type of review practice is great for children that have a hard time choosing a piece to review, those that like to “forget” a piece so they don’t have to review it and for those power struggle days …when the child refuses to play a piece because it was not their idea.

How it works:

The popsicle sticks have the name of pieces on one end. You draw from the cup and play the piece. When you are finished put the Popsicle stick, writing side up so that you won’t draw that piece again. Keep the jar lid, put it on after each practice session. That way, if it gets knocked over during the week you won’t loose track of which pieces you’ve already reviewed. Ideally, you’ll want to review each piece you know once per week. At the end of the week, flip all the sticks back over and you are ready to start for a fresh week of practice.

For the pieces that you don’t know how to play, you can just listen to them.

How to make a glitter cup:

Step  1: Gather the supplies


  • Mason jar with lid
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter in favorite colors
  • Craft painting sponge
  • Fine tipped marker
  • Paint in your favorite colors. Use a different color for book levels.

Step 2: Paint the jar

Pour  in enough Mod Podge to cover the bottom of the jar. Then, dump in a bunch of glitter. The more glitter you use, the more coverage you’ll have for the sides of the jar. You’ll also get more vibrant colors with more glitter. Use the craft sponge to mix the glitter and glue then pain the sides of the jar. Add more Mod podge if the mixture is too dry. Leave it to dry over night. Many people say to flip the jar upside down for drying in these types of crafts…I recommend only doing that if you want the jar to stick to whatever you put it on….

Step 3: Paint the sticks

Paint one end of each Popsicle stick, front and back. Leave time to dry between front and back. I only used one quick coat of paint. I used one color per book.  You’ll need one stick for each piece in the book. I just cut open a paper bag to cover my table.




Step 4: Label the sticks

Once dry, write the name of each piece on a stick. It’s helpful to work from the table of contents in your suzuki books so that you don’t miss anything. 


Step 5: Put the sticks in the cup color side down.

Now it’s ready to use.  Choose a stick, play the piece and then return the stick colored side up. Don’t forget to put the lid on when you are finished!


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