Foam-a-lin Storage

img_6718If your studio is anything like mine it’s not uncommon to teach large pre-twinkle group classes. Which also means that you might have to store a large number of foam violins. I really love this method because it’s organized but looks fun. You also have an easier time keeping the correct bow size with the violin.

Many of my students by a special violin wall hanger- which I must say really helps encourage practice. I keep my violin on one at the studio when I need my hands to be free. This version allows younger siblings to do the same at home. : )

This is how I do it…


  • Foam instruments and bows
  • Tiny rubber bands
  • Command strips & hooks
  • Scissors.

I bought the large command strips and cut them into smaller pieces. I put on on the foam “scroll” and the middle of the back.


Then, I stuck the violin to the wall where I wanted it. So far, the strips are holding the foam but if they do come off my plan is to glue them on. I kept them very low on the wall so the little ones could grab one if they want to. Who doesn’t like ripping stuff off the wall? 


Then I attached a hook to the wall. I tried to keep the hook on the right hand side of the violins. BUT sometimes I like to swing the piano out. I didn’t want a hook to be in the way of the piano and scratch it. I may redo the one closer to the piano…

Next, I wrapped a tiny rubber band around the bow so it would sit in front the frog. Just lift part of the band to hang it on the wall. I used a different colored band for each size. This will save me time later if they get mixed up. I previously marked the violin sizes on the back of the violins in sharpie. I tried to do the same on the bows. However, the marker just bled into the wood and now you can’t read it. 

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