Treasure Box


Many teachers have tons of games and ticks up their sleeves for group classes and home practice. So many that sometimes we completely forget about some of them. I have a solution! It’s fun AND since it’s organized it helps to speed up your lesson planning. Parents of course can make a box to keep track of a child’s favorite games. In a rut? Dig through the box to rediscover an old favorite or spark creativity and birth a new game! 

Let’s make a Treasure Box!

STEP 1: Gather your materials:

I recommend using a larger card size so you have plenty of space to record details. If you are just going to list the name of activities you can stick with smaller cards.

  • Index card box
  • Index cards
  • Card Guides/ dividers for the cards
  • Hot glue gun
  • Gems, sequins and GLITTER. Stickers work too. Or, you can leave it plain.


STEP 2: Decorate your box. I just attached all the sparkles with the glue gun. 

STEP 3: Create your categories. This is key for teachers who plan to use this as an aid to planning lessons. Parents might also want to organizer their cards so they can find games quickly for a certain skill. My categories are more based on the skills I teach in group classes. Here are my current categories. I’m sure I’ll think of more later.

  • Posture
  • Violin Hold
  • Cello Hold
  • Taking a bow
  • Bow Hold
  • Memory
  • Listening
  • Ear Training
  • Bowings ( Styles/directions)
  • Rhythm
  • Focus
  • Watching
  • Tone
  • Dynamics
  • Ensemble.

STEP 4: Add the games ! I like to write the name of the game on one side and the details on the back. In the details I include teaching points, including points that fall outside of the category I place the card in. Many games can be adapted to fit multiple teaching points.  This is a good rainy day activity. Brain dump all the games you can think of. Go back through old notes and reflect on past group classes. Browse around online to see if you can add more to your treasure box. Whenever you make up a new game during a lesson or hear something that another teacher or parent does, add the game to your box right away. Watch the games grow! 

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