Week of 6/17/19

Summer Goals

Our focus for this summer is to better understand the review process. Why do we review, what do we review and how can we stay organized? I have placed the “What is review?” document in your suzuki books. Please read this information so that we are on the same page when it comes to my expectations. I have also included the “Am I Ready…” document in your Suzuki books. This document outlines what I’m looking for in terms of starting, completing and graduating pieces. I hope this information better outlines our goals!

Try my idea!

To keep the three types of review straight, try organizing your lesson notes this way…

  • Make a column for each type of review.
    • If you aren’t currently graduating a book, leave out the graduation column. To keep things simple, we work from the list of pieces we will play at the next group class.
  • At the lesson, I divide the group repertoire pieces into the three types of review categories. See the “What is Review?” document for more details.
    • It’s helpful to write down what the focus of each piece is; this is your goal for practice. The focus is the same for all pieces in the Technique column while the focus will vary for the Group and Graduation columns.

Technique Review: Pieces that are mastered and automatic, allowing the focus to be on technique rather than fingers, bow directions, etc. Ideally, the majority of your pieces should fall in this category if you have kept up with review at home.

Group Review: Pieces that need polishing so you can keep up with the group. It takes only one student to be out of tune for the whole group to sound out of tune! Pieces placed in this category indicate that we have some serious work to do if we’d like to contribute positively to the group class. If you work out the group review pieces so they are automatic before group/lesson they can move to the technique category. If you are working towards graduation and the technique is fine, move the piece to the graduation category. If the majority of your pieces fall into the group category, you need to find time to review daily.

Graduation Review: This only applies to students who have completed all pieces in a book and are demonstrating their mastery of the skills learned. Essentially, you audition for the next book. Again, we choose pieces on the group repertoire list to keep it simple. In order to graduate a piece, it has to be highly polished with no mistakes, no technique issues and can be played with accompaniment. We work the piece up to performance quality. See the “Am I ready?” document for more details.

Schedule Reminders

Doodle Dots

Doodle Dots has been posted on the Parents Practice Guide Page. You can also find the all of our “extra” sheet music in the Supplemental Repertoire folder within the parents practice guide. The password was changed two weeks ago, email me if you need the new password. I would be happy to spend time on this piece in your individual lessons, provided all other assignments are completed.

Group Class

It’s never to early to start working on the next set of group class pieces. A suggested method; start with the piece that gives you the most trouble since you’ll have more time to work on it. You’ll also have a chance to ask me questions at a lesson before group. Click here for the repertoire list.

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