September 2019

September is a good time to acknowledge our accomplishments.

During the month of September, we will honor each child’s accomplishments big and small! When a child reaches a goal, completes a task, or shows mastery of a soft skill they will add a paper leaf to the studio wall. How many leaves can we put up this month? How fast will our walls match the trees outside?

Pre-Twinkle Demo at the Westminster Branch Library

Join Ms. Glenda Walsh Crouse from Westminster Suzuki Strings for a free 30 minute violin class. Children ages 2-5 will explore the exciting world of pre-twinkle violin. Children are taught through play, games and storytelling. In addition to hearing a brief professional performance of the violin, children will be able to try a real fractional sized violin. Following the class, Ms. Glenda will be available to answer questions about the violin and the Suzuki Method. Register on the library website. Registration e 8/23 for the 9/6 class and 9/11 for the 9/25 class.

TWO Doughnut Days !?

This year we have an opportunity for two doughnut days!!! Rather than use doughnut day to focus on improving bow holds (which look mighty fine 🥳) we will use it to focus on life skills. To be invited to doughnut day, be sure to wash your hands before lessons and stay home to rest when you are sick. Doughnut day will fall on a non-group Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The exact date is TBD. We will eat doughnuts and play our favorite group class games like hide the monster, conductor, distractions and what not to do.

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