Reminders & Fall Fest Parking

Piggy Review

Please start working on your Piggy Review worksheets today or tomorrow. Be sure to work through all pieces on the list that you can play BEFORE your lesson next week (starting 9/23). Bring your piggy review worksheets to your next lesson.

Fall Fest

Next week is Fall Fest therefore, parking will be limited. Please allow for extra time to find parking. The event opens around 6 pm.
Parking available along Main Street, the Longwell garage, the lot behind Coffeys, along the perimeter of the city park, Willis Street, The lot next to O’ Lordans ,the garage next to O’Lordans, Liberty Street, Green Street and in the free lot above the park-across from the police station. Check out this map of parking for Downtown Westminster:
If you feel your child is old enough/responsible enough to be dropped off and find their way upstairs to the studio: You can drop them off at the back door (parking lot door at coffeys) with instructions to come straight to the studio. We will get started without your while you park. This maybe a good option if you find yourself running late. We will see you at the lesson when you get there, if you drop and park 🙂

Click here for more information regarding fall fest:

Thursday’s Parade and Main Street Closure

The parade occurs on Thursday at 7 pm. Main Street will be closed from roughly center street to Pennsylvania ave. You will need to plan an alternative route if you usually come down Main Street. Depending on your location, you might want to try 140 >Center Street> Right on Willis St> Right on Longwell Ave and that will put you at the free lot or in the area to find a spot without getting on Main Street.

Please come prepared to show me the progress you’ve made with your story in lessons this week (9/23-9/26). I would like everyone to have a general idea of what they will do so that we can begin working on the stories throughout October.

Suzuki Pieces And Emotions

While playing though your pieces over the next two weeks, begin to categorize the pieces into emotions. For the story portion of the next group class, you’ll have to come up with a suzuki piece rather than a sound effect.

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