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STUDIO CLOSED: 7/27 -7/30

This is a friendly reminder that the studio is closed next week. You can view the studio calendar to see all upcoming closings and events.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, lessons will be offered online.

Registration opens Monday, August 3rd and will be first come, first served for the video conferencing lesson schedule. You may opt to post video instead of scheduling video chat lessons.

Registration forms and instructions will be posted 8/3/20. Fall tuition is due by August 15th.

Fall quarter begins Thursday, September 3rd.


Brody and Rowan have been accepted into the Baltimore Youth Symphony Orchestra! Congratulations Brody and Rowan!

TWINKLEfest 2020 ?

It’s been a few years since we had a TwinkleFest. However, this fall, it might be possible to have a virtual TwinkleFest. With video editing magic, I can stitch together your videos to create one giant video of everyone playing “together”!

We’ll vote on a short program, then you’ll submit your videos by a deadline. I’ll work my magic and post our virtual TwinkleFest to youtube so that it can be shared with your friends and family. I’m hoping to release the final video by Mid-October (the usual TwinkleFest date).

More details to come. Step one is to vote!

Let’s begin voting on our favorite pieces. The deadline to vote is August 3rd.

What’s your news?

Do you have anything exciting you’d like to share with the studio? Let me know and I’ll add it to the next post!

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