Reminders & Updates

Last Call for Fall 2020 Registration

Today, Thursday 8/6/20 is the last day to register for fall quarter. All details can be found on the registration pages. If you are unable to return for fall quarter your last lesson will be the week of August 24th.

Fall Tuition is due by August 15th

Click on the links below for tuition fees and payment options.

TwinkleFest Update

Due to lack of interest/responses to the program vote, we will not hold a virtual TwinkleFest this year.

August 19th Group Class

The theme for the August 19th group class will be “An Evening at Carnegie Hall”. Choose a Suzuki piece that you can perform in a highly polished manner. You’ll perform this piece along with the piano accompaniment during the next group class. Let me know which piece you will play at your next lesson. Let’s dress up since it’s Carnegie Hall, after all! I will email a picture of the stage prior to the group class-join me in changing your zoom backgrounds to this picture to help create the mood!

To prepare for the class, watch the following videos to learn more about Carnegie Hall and Acoustics.

Don’t forget that all students need to take the ear training quiz before the next group class (in which we will move to more advanced ear training).

Moving to the next instrument size?

If you are sizing up per our discussion, don’t forget that we can’t sanitize stringed instruments without damaging them. For string instruments, the CDC guidelines are to let instruments sit, untouched for 3-5 days. That is, the Covid-19 virus can live up to 3-5 days on wood and metal surfaces. Plan accordingly around lessons.

If you’re curious about other instruments your families plays here are the guild lines for how long instruments should sit:

The NFHS, NAfME and the NAMM Foundation received information from the CDC which suggest the COVID-19 virus can remain on the following instrument surfaces for the stated amount of time:

  • Brass – Up to 5 Days
  • Wood – Up to 4 Days
  • Plastic – Up to 3 Days
  • Strings – Up to 3 Days
  • Cork – Up to 2 Days

Call the music store before you go to find out what their current plan is. Also, be sure that you are receiving an Eastman and that the bow hair is clean. This is also a good time to purchase new rosin or have fresh strings placed on the new instrument (the set of strings your larger instrument comes with are someone else’s old strings. Why change strings before you hand in an instrument? Check to make sure the instrument has the finger tapes you need. If not, contact me and I can mail tapes to you.

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