Box Violin Class Registration

Refunds, credits and make-ups are not offered for missed classes.

If a child’s behavior becomes disruptive to the class, the family will be asked to leave. No refunds, credits or makeups for dismissal due to poor behavior.

Families that come to class sick/symptomatic, will be dismissed from the program immediately without refund.


I am fully vaccinated. A copy of my CDC vaccination card is available, just ask to see it.

Masks that cover the mouth and nose are required for everyone ages of 2+ regardless of vaccination status. Face shields without mask and neck gaiters are not acceptable forms of PPE.

Proof of COVID vaccination is required for everyone ages 12+ to register.

Proof of COVID vaccination is required for everyone ages 12+ to enroll in the studio. This includes students, parents & siblings that will be present at lessons and events. Proof of vaccination will be required for children under 12 when vaccination becomes available — both to remain in the program or to enroll for the first time. You will need to bring proof of vaccination to the new family meeting. Bring your CDC vaccination card, photos of cards will be accepted as proof.

Registration Form

Complete one form per child.

Some things to consider:

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