Box Violin Class

The Box Violin class is suitable for children ages 3-5 with zero violin experience. This group class program is for the family who is not sure if they’d like to enroll in more formal training. Children begin on a box violin, so there is no additional financial commitment due to rental/purchase of a violin. All materials required are included in the tuition.

Children learn to follow directions, focus, cooperate with others, appropriate lesson behavior in addition to the very basics of violin playing: hold a violin, hold a bow, basic rhythm patterns, the musical alphabet, and sing songs to learn the parts of the instrument, and basic music concepts.

Wednesday evenings 6-6:30 pm for 7 weeks. Parent/guardian required to attend all classes. Classes meet at the Westminster Church of the Brethren.

Class size is limited to 10, enroll early!

Tuition: $55 for 7 week class. Tuition due at the time of registration.

Pre-Twinkle Program

The Pre-Twinkle program is suitable for children ages 3-10 with no violin experience. This program is for the absolute beginner and provides a strong foundation in violin technique and appropriate lesson behavior.

Families should not acquire a violin before enrolling in this program.

30 minute private lessons are held weekly. Private lesson time is a mix of instruction for the child and parent; with opportunities to answer questions and discussion of Suzuki philosophy. Pre-Twinklers are not expected to play the whole 30 minutes. Group Classes meet twice per month for 30 minutes. Children are grouped by age: 3-5, 6-7, 8-10 when student roster allows. Parent/guardian required to attend all classes.

No Pre-Requisites.

Twinkle Program

The Twinkle Program focuses on combining all skills learned in the Pre-Twinkle stage, to advance fluidity in playing. Children are aged 5-10 at the time of entering the program.

Twinkle classes prepare students for joining the studio’s full program. Parent/guardian required to attend all classes.

Pre-Requisite: Completion of the Pre-Twinkle Program or transfer from another Suzuki Studio with a minimum of 6-12 months of in-person instruction.

Full Program

Our Full Program is suitable for children who have graduated our Pre-Twinkle and Twinkle programs. Children enrolling in this program have 2+ years of experience through Suzuki method lessons. Children are ages 5+ when entering the program.

The Full program educates students from the beginner level through the advanced level of playing. The full program is divided into ten levels, based on the 10 Suzuki violin books.

Children who complete all 10 Suzuki books will have the skill set needed to apply to a University, College or Conservatory program declaring a major in Music.

Transfer Students

Students who are transferring form another suzuki studio, traditional private violin teacher or a school music program will need to schedule a placement interview.

This interview helps me to know what skills have been cultivated and in which group class you’ll feel most comfortable. Families should come to the placement interview prepared to play a piece that reflects the current level of study, to discuss musical experience thus far and with a list of goals.

Lessons for children with Autism, SPD, TBI, Dyslexia and Learning differences.

The Suzuki philosophy and method presents a unique ability to adapt to the needs of individual children. Therefore, it’s an excellent program for children who need more flexibility than traditional music lessons allow. I have experience working with families of all backgrounds including children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorders, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Dyslexia and other learning differences. Children are invited to participate in all of our classes and events.

Beginners ages 11+

Absolute beginners in this age range may feel more comfortable in a program that offers traditional methods of violin study. We simply don’t start enough children in this age range to form an older beginners group class. I would be happy to recommend teachers in the area. However, families are still welcome to enroll with the understanding that students will be placed in a group class with children much younger in age. It’s never too late to learn to Twinkle!

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