Upcoming Events

Register now for our upcoming studio events! Events are open to the community so tell a friend or email this to your school music teachers.

Free Pre-Twinkle Demo Classes

Ages 2-7. Click the links below to register.

$5 Community Suzuki Violin Group Class

Ages 5-17. Open to the community. A play through of the Suzuki violin repertoire from Twinkles and up. Click the links below to register.

$13-$17 Winter Workshop: Instrument Care 1/29/20 6:30pm

Learn how to care for your instrument during the winter months. Each student will go home with an instrument humidifier. We will also polish our instruments. Violin friends: $13. Cello friends $17. The last day to register is 1/15/20. Current studio families can avoid square payment processing fees by paying in cash/check by January 2nd.

Winter 2019 Newsletter

I must confess that I actually like winter…….if I get to stay inside!! It’s not all bad though. Being trapped indoors equals more time to practice our instruments and to make music!

Winter quarter begins the week of December 2nd.

Winter Polices


If you are sick, please avoid the studio as an act of kindness towards our community and to yourself. Stay home and rest.


  • If CCPS schools are closed, the studio will be closed.
  • If schools are closing early and/or afterschool activities are canceled, the studio will be closed.
  • If schools are opening with a delay, lessons will be held as usual.
  • Cancellation notices will be posted on the studio website on the news page.
  • Lessons canceled due to weather will not be made-up/refunded/ credited.

Winter Goals

For winter, all three members of the suzuki triangle (Child, parent and teacher) will be involved in goal setting. We will each contribute one goal to the list. My goal will center around technique or behavior during the lesson. I would be happy to help parents and students form goals. Let’s make sure we have our final goals set by the first lesson in December.

Winter Group Class

Over winter quarter book 1+ students will practice solo performances. At the first group class of each month students will perform a prepared solo piece with piano accompaniment. Performances will be highly polished and energetic. In short, our focus is on serious wood shedding practice and high quality performance. 6:45 pm group friends are welcome to arrive at 6:30 pm to watch the early Group performances.

The group class schedule can be found on the studio website calendar page. Please keep in mind that January’s group schedule is a little different due to the holiday break. We will meet 1/8 and 1/22 (the second and fourth Wednesday instead of the 1st and 3rd).

Pre-Twinkle students are welcome to observe the performances. Performances of more advanced students can be quite motivating. Dates: 12/4/19; 1/8/20; 2/5/20. 6:30pm.


Click here to watch this throwback to 2014!

Twinkle level students and up will play Snowflakes, Mist, Wind and Moon as our combined group piece this quarter.

Click here for sheet music.

$5 Community Suzuki Violin Group Class

If you love group so much you wish you could have a class every week, here is your chance! December 11th. 6:30-8pm. Your school orchestra friends are welcome. You can read all the details here.

$13 Winter Workshop: Instrument Care

January 29th 2020. 6:30-8:30pm.

Cost: $13. Payment due at time of registration via Square.

Violin and Cello students will learn the basics of caring for their instruments during the winter months! We will learn about humidifiers and each student will get to take home a case humidifier. We will also learn how to polish our instruments.

Click here to register

Upcoming Concerts

Attending concerts can be highly motivating! I will now add upcoming concerts to the studio calendar. Information and links will be posted in the event description.

The first concert listed is a BSO Family Concert on Saturday 12/7/19. The Snowman. Visit the studio calendar for more information.

Be transported to a winter wonderland in this enchanting story of a young boy’s magical friendship with a snowman which comes to life and takes him on a trip to the North Pole. The animated film projected with live music performed by the BSO is sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

Studio families might be able to organize a group for cheaper tickets.

Holiday Sheet Music

If you are looking for some holiday sheet music check out the links below. For future reference, we do have a materials section on the website to help you find more things like this.

November 2019

November marks the last month of Fall Quarter.

The 11/6 group class is out last change to play Happy Squirrel with piano accompaniment. Please come to group class prepared for a good performance.

Don’t forget that at group class on 11/20, we will share the stories that you have been working on. Don’t forget that your performance of the story should include lots of emotion and dynamics. If you need me to read the story for you, let’s practice it in a lesson before hand.

$5 Community Suzuki Group Violin Class

Starting this December, I am offering a monthly $5 Community Suzuki Violin Class! First class is December 11th 2019.

Every second Wednesday of the month, I will hold a Community Group Violin class.

We will play from the Suzuki Violin Books. Memorization of pieces is encouraged but not required. If you bring a Suzuki book to read from please bring a music stand.

At 6:30 pm we play through the Suzuki Violin repertoire starting with violin book 1 (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Theme and Variations) and work our way through higher books. Families are asked to stay for TWO pieces after the child has run out of pieces before going home. You may however stay until 8pm. Class ends at 8pm or when the last child remaining has played all the pieces they know, whichever comes first.

Parents are required to attend the class for children of elementary school age. Middle/high school aged children who are dropped off should be picked up promptly at 8pm. Emergency contact information is required for children who will be dropped off.

Cost: $5 CASH per child. Fee will be waived for child if parent/family member can provide piano accompaniment for a portion of the class. An upright piano is provided in the studio. Audition required for our Community Group Pianists.

When you arrive, tune your violin or ask for help. Visit the bathroom and wash your hands. Add $5 to the cash box.

If you are a current student of Westminster Suzuki Strings, your tuition does not include community group classes.

If Carroll County Public Schools are closed or after school activities are canceled due to weather, our Community Group class will also be canceled.

What if 6:30 pm is too early for your schedule? No Problem! Children are welcome to join in after 6:30pm. However, arriving late is not advised for children in Suzuki book 1.

An after school session will be offered from 4 — 5:30pm pending community interest. Please contacted me if interested in the after school session.

Pre-Twinkle Winter Registration is Now Open!

You may register for Pre-Twinkle Violin classes by clicking on the link below. Register by 8 pm Thursday, November 7th. The schedule and final tuition fees will be emailed on Friday, November 8th. Tuition payment due by Thursday, November 14th. Classes begin the first week of December.

Click this link to register

Please email me with any questions.

October 2019

October is my FAVORITE month out of the whole year and it ends with my favorite holiday…Día De Los Muertos!!! I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this month.

October is a good time to honor our loved ones. Perhaps this month you can polish a song and gift it to a loved one. You can call or FaceTime family/friends that might live far away to play your song. You could make a video and send it off too. Perhaps you might organize a visit to a nursing home to play a few songs?

In the studio, I will have paper pumpkins for you to write a loved one’s name on, if you’d like to honor someone.

October is also a good time to let go of the things that no longer serve us. Have you cleaned out your music bag or instrument case in a while? Do you have old post-it notes and papers just hanging around? Do you have any practice habits or behaviors that can “die”? Do you need to let go of old strings or bows and purchase new ones?


A new sight reading page called “Pumpkin” has been posted to the Parents practice Guide Page. Let me know if you need the password.

Group class on 10/16

I need some help from parents for the next group class… Parents understand the value of review as a path towards mastery. Parents also understand the cyclical aspects of life and learning. Parents also understand the value of being prepared.

Children however, do not yet understand these concepts. We work very hard in our studio to help the children to prepare for their lessons and group class. So, the children don’t quite see the value in being prepared if they are always prepared! For the 10/16 group class, I will not cover any review pieces during the individual lesson. I will mention the pieces for the next class and answer any questions the child has about the review pieces (if they ask me directly). I will not cover anything more than that. I’m asking parents to not push, encourage or remind children about reviewing for group class. You can write the review pieces down for the children, remind them what the pieces are if they can’t read the list and give help IF they ASK for it. Essentially, I want the adults to remove themselves from the review practice until our next group class. The children will either not practice the pieces at all and we will have a terrible sounding group class (this is my hope, in which case they will better understand the value of review). Alternatively, some children may take it upon themselves to be more responsible for their own review practice.

I will continue to listen to graduation pieces even if they are on the next group class list. Parents are welcome to help children with their graduation pieces. I will also listen to review pieces for the purpose of technique review, but will choose very simple pieces that are not on the group list. Let’s continue working on Happy Squirrel.

Reminders & Fall Fest Parking

Piggy Review

Please start working on your Piggy Review worksheets today or tomorrow. Be sure to work through all pieces on the list that you can play BEFORE your lesson next week (starting 9/23). Bring your piggy review worksheets to your next lesson.

Fall Fest

Next week is Fall Fest therefore, parking will be limited. Please allow for extra time to find parking. The event opens around 6 pm.
Parking available along Main Street, the Longwell garage, the lot behind Coffeys, along the perimeter of the city park, Willis Street, The lot next to O’ Lordans ,the garage next to O’Lordans, Liberty Street, Green Street and in the free lot above the park-across from the police station. Check out this map of parking for Downtown Westminster: https://www.westminstermd.gov/DocumentCenter/View/191/downtown_parking_map?bidId=
If you feel your child is old enough/responsible enough to be dropped off and find their way upstairs to the studio: You can drop them off at the back door (parking lot door at coffeys) with instructions to come straight to the studio. We will get started without your while you park. This maybe a good option if you find yourself running late. We will see you at the lesson when you get there, if you drop and park 🙂

Click here for more information regarding fall fest:http://www.westminsterfallfest.com/events/

Thursday’s Parade and Main Street Closure

The parade occurs on Thursday at 7 pm. Main Street will be closed from roughly center street to Pennsylvania ave. You will need to plan an alternative route if you usually come down Main Street. Depending on your location, you might want to try 140 >Center Street> Right on Willis St> Right on Longwell Ave and that will put you at the free lot or in the area to find a spot without getting on Main Street.

Please come prepared to show me the progress you’ve made with your story in lessons this week (9/23-9/26). I would like everyone to have a general idea of what they will do so that we can begin working on the stories throughout October.

Suzuki Pieces And Emotions

While playing though your pieces over the next two weeks, begin to categorize the pieces into emotions. For the story portion of the next group class, you’ll have to come up with a suzuki piece rather than a sound effect.

Register for our pre-twinkle demo today!

Pre-Twinkle Demo at the Westminster Branch Library

Registration is now open for the Wednesday, September 25th 6:30pm class. Register on the library website. Registration ends on 9/24. Feel free to share this with your friends!

Join Ms. Glenda Walsh Crouse from Westminster Suzuki Strings for a free 30 minute violin class. Children ages 2-5 will explore the exciting world of pre-twinkle violin. Children are taught through play, games and storytelling. In addition to hearing a brief professional performance of the violin, children will be able to try a real fractional sized violin. Following the class, Ms. Glenda will be available to answer questions about the violin and the suzuki method.

September 2019

September is a good time to acknowledge our accomplishments.

During the month of September, we will honor each child’s accomplishments big and small! When a child reaches a goal, completes a task, or shows mastery of a soft skill they will add a paper leaf to the studio wall. How many leaves can we put up this month? How fast will our walls match the trees outside?

Pre-Twinkle Demo at the Westminster Branch Library

Join Ms. Glenda Walsh Crouse from Westminster Suzuki Strings for a free 30 minute violin class. Children ages 2-5 will explore the exciting world of pre-twinkle violin. Children are taught through play, games and storytelling. In addition to hearing a brief professional performance of the violin, children will be able to try a real fractional sized violin. Following the class, Ms. Glenda will be available to answer questions about the violin and the Suzuki Method. Register on the library website. Registration e 8/23 for the 9/6 class and 9/11 for the 9/25 class.

TWO Doughnut Days !?

This year we have an opportunity for two doughnut days!!! Rather than use doughnut day to focus on improving bow holds (which look mighty fine 🥳) we will use it to focus on life skills. To be invited to doughnut day, be sure to wash your hands before lessons and stay home to rest when you are sick. Doughnut day will fall on a non-group Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The exact date is TBD. We will eat doughnuts and play our favorite group class games like hide the monster, conductor, distractions and what not to do.