Week of 6/10…

We will play pieces from the group 4 list at the 6/12 group class. Prepare your pieces before the class.

Our focus for the summer will be review. What is it, how do you do it and how do you stay organized? Please come to your lessons with your questions about review.


Next week…

 Summer quarter begins Monday, June 3rd.  Please remember that we have a new group class schedule for summer.

The password for the Book 1 Parent Practice Guides has changed. Please email me if you’d like the new password. 

We will play pieces from the group 1 repertoire list.

Following group class, please work on the pieces from the group 4 list for next weeks class on 6/12. 



Announcements & Reminders

Tomorrow, May 7th is the last day to complete the summer quarter registration form. The form will stop accepting responses at 8pm so that I have time to put the schedule together. 😸The summer quarter schedule will be announced 5/8. Payment due by Tuesday 5/14. Checks deposited on 5/15.

Group class on Wednesday, May 8th.

  • Bring the rainbow rhythm packets to class. We will have our final quiz.
  • Children will perform the solo pieces they’ve been working on all spring.
  • Parents of book 2+ students: please attend the class so that we have an audience. Come celebrate your child’s accomplishments with us! 🥳
  • Let’s keep cellphone use to video/photos of your child’s performance. Be present during the performance, the children are aware of when you are unaware.

To keep the website organized and clean looking, the calendar page has be moved to the “current families” tab. Any pages that are helpful to current students are found under “current families”. The news tab will still be accessible from the main menu for quick reference.

Next week…

We will play the group 6 list at the 5/8 group class. If you printed the pre-twinkle-book 3 review chart before 4/26, group 6 was missing Boccherini Minuet. The corrected list is now posted on the repertoire page.

Ms. Judy will accompany you for your solo tone project piece at group class this week. Parents of book 2+ students should attend this group class as the children are performing.

Bring your rainbow rhythms packets to group class. Students will be quizzed on rhythms.

Summer Registration forms due by this coming Tuesday, May 7th. Summer schedule announced May 8th and payment due by Tuesday, May 14th. Checks deposited on the 15th.


Summer Registration is now OPEN

Please complete the registration form by Tuesday, May 7th by 8pm.

The summer schedule will be posted on Wednesday, May 8th.

Tuition is due by Thursday, May 14th. Checks to be deposited on May 15th.

Moving forward… Registration forms will no longer be emailed. Registration forms are posted on the website under the “current families” section. Reminders regarding registration will be posted here, on the new page. Dates for the registration periods are marked on the studio website calendar and the registration page.

Click here to register

Piano Accompaniment Subscription Website

If the Anytune app is not supported on your device, check out this website…

It’s a subscription service that allows you you play along with the piano accompaniments. You can change the speed from 40 to 208 BMP without pitch distortion just like Anytune. You can also create practice loops. The accompaniment parts are real piano recordings, not midi files. The complete suzuki repertoire is available! This will not take place of your regular recordings and there is no recording with violin/cello; piano part only. Recordings are made by professional pianist so you don’t have to worry about picking up bad habbits that you might get from YouTube. https://suzuki.accompanymusic.com