Studio Policy

Signed copies of the COVID liability waiver and the the general liability/media release are required to participate in the program. Documents will be provided for your review and signature at the New family meeting.


I am fully vaccinated, with booster A copy of my CDC vaccination card is available in the studio.

Masks that cover the nose and mouth are required for everyone ages 2+ for lessons and events. Neck gaiters and bandanas are not permitted. If wearing cloth masks, wash after each use and wash your hands after removing masks to prevent self contamination.

Proof of vaccination is required for everyone ages 12+ to enroll. Deadline for full vaccination for children ages 5-11 is February 28th 2022 to enroll/remain in the program.

Proof of vaccination is required for everyone who will be present at lessons, group classes or events. This includes parents, siblings, grand parents, or anyone else that may need to bring your child to lessons if you’re not available.

Bring your CDC COVID vaccination card as proof of vacation to your lesson. You may also show photos of your vaccination card(s) as proof.

Everyone is required to use hand sanitizer before and after lessons. Windows will be opened, weather permitting and a HEPA, UV light air purifier is used constantly during lessons. Lessons will not be held if you or anyone in your party arrives symptomatic, including colds. If you or anyone in your family is symptomatic everyone needs to stay home. If you have traveled to a COVID hot spot and have a family member not yet vaccinated you will need to quarantine 10 days starting the day you return home before returning to in-person lessons.

COVID exposure or suspected exposure

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID, with or without a mask you must stay home regardless of vaccination status or lack of symptoms. Private lesson will be held on zoom but you will have to skip group classes.

Returning to lessons after exposure or suspected exposure

Families may return to in-person lessons when your COVID test is negative test and you’re not symptomatic. A negative test result 24 hours prior to the lesson is required regardless of vaccination status.

Studio Rules

Rules apply to everyone that enters the studio including parents, siblings and visitors.

  • Symptomatic individuals will be sent home immediately upon arrival. No makeup, refunds or credits will be offered if sent home due to illness.
  • Don’t let the cats out unless you’d like to use your lesson time retrieving them.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before class begins.
  • No food or eating in the studio. Reusable water bottles are welcome.
  • Parent/adult attendance is required for individual lessons until children enter middle school.
  • Do not touch the piano, personal instruments or people without permission.
  • No running or yelling.
  • All families will need to create a My Music Staff account- details will be sent to you. You will need to use MMS to enroll, view the calendar, cancel, schedule makeups and make online payments.


When behavior is disrespectful and/or dangerous, families will be dismissed from the studio. No portion of tuition will be refunded if dismissed as parents are expected to read studio rules/policy prior to enrolling. Immediate dismissal will occur if behavior is dangerous or abusive. Examples of behavior resulting in immediate dismissal include: bullying, physical harm to others, malicious destruction of property, possession of weapons, racial or cultural slurs and other abusive/foul language or failure to follow COVID policies.

Illness Policy

  • If your child, yourself or any immediate family members are symptomatic, stay home.
  • Email me to let me know that you’re sick. We will hold the lesson on ZOOM at your regular lesson time.
  • If I’m sick, lessons will be held on ZOOM. An email will be sent out to notify you. If I’m too sick to ZOOM, lessons will be rescheduled.

Missing Lessons

  • 4 Make-up lesson credits are offered during the studio year. You have 30 days to use the credit before it expires. Use My music staff to cancel and reschedule for makeups.
  • No credits or refunds for missed group classes.
  • If I need to cancel a lesson, I will reschedule.
  • Students missing more than 2 group classes per quarter will not be eligible to participate in group concerts.

Weather Policy

  • If CCPS schools are closed lessons will be held on ZOOM at the regularly scheduled time.
  • If schools are closing early and/or afterschool activities are canceled, lessons held will be held on ZOOM.
  • If schools are opening with a delay, lessons will be held in the studio as usual.
  • Above policies apply to group classes.

Calendar & Lesson Scheduling

Calendar is on My Music Staff, login to view.

Students keep the same lesson day/time throughout the studio year (September through August).

Starting July 1st current families may select their lesson spot for the upcoming studio year. If you need to change your lesson time during the studio year, you will need to choose from an open lesson slots; tuition will not be refunded if you are unable to find a new lesson slot.

Students who take a break from lessons will need to choose from open lesson slots upon returning. Your spot will not be held.

The studio year (September- August) is divided into four quarters:

  • FALL: September, October, November
  • WINTER: December, January, February
  • SPRING: March, April, May
  • SUMMER: June, July, August


No lessons are held on: Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, The week leading up to Halloween & Halloween, Thanksgiving, The last two weeks of December through January 1st. Spring break in March or April; Summer break 2-3 weeks sometime June-August. Check the calendar in My Music Staff for exact dates.


Private Lessons

300 Avalon Lane Westminster, MD 21158

Group & Play-in

Westminster Church of the Brethren 19 Bond Street Westminster, MD 21157

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