This is an optional activity. Email me if you are interested in participating.

The American String Teachers Association Certificate Adavancment Program. 

As a member of the American String Teachrs Association, my students are eligable to participate in the Certificate Advancement Program.

Students prepare graded pieces/scales and submit them online for evaluation from another String Pedagogue/Specialist. Feedback in the form of written comments will be given. If the student earns a certain number of points on the exam, they will receive a certificate of completion for that level.

An ASTACAP examination evaluates the performance of a program of scales, arpeggios, an etude, solo materials and sight reading. (Sight reading is not part of the online exam option at this time.) A total score is determined based on the following: tone, intonation, rhythm, posture, left hand technique, right hand technique, expression, deportment, memorization of scales and repertoire. These categories are organized in a grading table found on the Evaluation Forms. The Evaluation Form for harp exams can be requested through ASTA (

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Students in book 1+ are eligible; pre-twinkle and twinkle level students do not qualify.