Lesson Swap

If you need to miss your individual lesson you may swap it with another student. Lesson swaps should be used as a last resort.

Read the directions carefully. Families that disregard the items below will be removed from the swap list. 

How it works:

  1. See the calendar below for lessons available for swap. You must swap with a lesson length equal to yours. You could swap with some who has a shorter lesson, however, the time difference can’t be made up. 
  2. Please send an email to the family you want to swap with. To access their email address, click on the lesson time in the calendar. In the description box, you will see their email address. Contact the family at least 24 hours before their scheduled lesson time. If you dont receive 24 Hours notice, please don’t feel pressed to rush and fulfill the request  and don’t hesitate to decline.  I will not arrange the swap for you.
  3. Email me when a swap has been made so I come prepared for the correct students. You can CC me. : ) Please only copy/forward the email to me when a swap has been finalized; I don’t need the back and forth arranging details.  
  4. If you are contacted about a swap, please respond as soon as possible even if you can’t swap, for clarity.
  5. Please limit the number of your swaps, they should be used as a last resort. Keep in mind that the other family may need to rearrange work schedules, transportation, other activities, etc. to accommodate your swap. Please be considerate of each others’ time. 
  6. Try to arange swaps within the same week.  

Lessons Available for Swap: