Links for forms will become active during the registration period for that quarter.

  • Registration forms due the 7th by 8pm.
  • Schedule announced on the 8th.
  • Tuition due by the 14th.
  • Checks deposited on the 15th.
  • Registration occurs each quarter, you are not guaranteed the same day/time from quarter to quarter unless you pay for quarters in advance. Please email me to discuss this option.
  • If you don’t complete registration and make a payment, you will not be placed on the roster for the upcoming quarter. I cannot hold lesson slots without payment.

Registration Periods:

  • FALL: August 1st-15th
  • WINTER: November 1st-15th
  • SPRING: February 1st-15th
  • SUMMER:  May 1st-15th


Fees can be found on the registration form.


Click on the link below to register for an upcoming quarter.

Winter 2019