Required Materials

Children will need a properly sized instrument. Click here to read more.

  • Some children will need extra materials for a comfortable set up. Shoulder rest, sponge, end pin strap etc. This will be determined by individual needs.

Parents need to take notes at the individual lesson ad group class. I recommend a composition notebook. Use the left side page for lesson notes and the right side for questions that occur during the week to ask at the next class.

  • You may also opt to type your notes. EVERNOTE is a great way to organize your lesson notes.

Copy of Suzuki Book 1. You can buy a book/CD combo or buy the book separate and download the recordings from Amazon. You will need a revised edition. Please note: The books are not for the children. They are for the parents to take notes in and reference. Please bring your suzuki books to all classes (group and individual).

Recording of Suzuki Book 1. You can purchase as a CD or download directly from Amazon. com.

Ability Development from Age Zero by Dr. Suzuki.

  • 96 pages, a very quick read .
  • This book will give you a much more in depth look at the suzuki philosophy

Teach Suzuki Podcast

Excellent resource for busy parents who don’t have time to read the Suzuki Philosophy. Check your smartphones, you may have a “podcast” app. You can subscribe to the Suzuki Podcast and you’ll receive the newest recordings.