Please consult the information below for all questions regarding studio policy. If you have further questions after reading through the policies, please email me.


  • Contact me by email.
  • 443.289.6999
  • Information pertinent to the whole studio is posted on the news page. I highly recommend that you subscribe to this page to receive an email when information is posted.
  • The suzuki triangle rests on trust between parent, teacher and child. To be effective, I need honest and open communication from parents. I am unable to teach fully without mutual trust and respect. If at anytime you have questions or concerns please contact me. For matters that would be best discussed without children present; I would be happy to schedule an in studio conference during my normal teaching hours.

Studio Behavior

  • Parents are responsible for children at all times.
  • Wash your hands before class. This is a small act of kindness for yourself and the studio community.
  • Parents are financially responsible for any damages to studio property, performance venues, to my personal and classroom instruments or to another students instrument regardless of accidental or malicious intent.
  • Be respectful by limiting electronic device useage to note taking only.
  • You are welcome to video record lessons and take photos of your child’s lesson.
  • Follow the classroom rules.


  • Click here for the calendar.
  • The studio year (September- August) is divided into four quarters:
    • FALL: September, October, November
    • WINTER: December, January, February
    • SPRING: March, April, May
    • SUMMER: June, July, August

Registration Periods

  • FALL: August 1st-15th
  • WINTER: November 1st-15th
  • SPRING: February 1st-15th
  • SUMMER: May 1st-15th


  • Tuition is collected prior to the start of each quarter.
  • Families may opt for “monthly” payments. However, three post-dated checks will be required prior to the start of the quarter. If you choose to drop out if the program before the quarter ends, you are responsible for making payments for the rest of the quarter.
  • Checks will be deposited in the 15th of each month.
  • Tuition fees are found on the registration forms.
  • Refunds/credits will not be given for:
    • missed lessons/group classes.
    • lessons that can’t be swapped.
    • Dropping out of the program at any time.
    • Dismissal from the the studio.
  • If you register but no payment is received by the tuition due date, an invoice will be emailed so that payment can be made electronically via Square by the 15th of the month. There is a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30. If payment is not recieved by the 15th, you will not be placed on the schedule.

Group Classes (Full Program Families)

  • 6 Group classes are held each quarter. See the calendar for exact dates.
  • Parents are encouraged to take notes during group class.
    • Parent attendance is required for pre-twinkle and book 1 students
    • Parent attendance is optional for book 2+ students.
    • Parents of book 3+ students should wait in the waiting area or drop off children to foster responsibility and independence.

Pre- Twinkle Partner Classes

Individual Lessons (Full Program)

  • 11 Individual lessons are scheduled each quarter.
  • Individual lessons are held weekly.
  • A Parent/adult is required to attend individual lessons until the child enters middle school. Middle school aged students should begin to take more responsibility by taking their own lesson notes and eventually moving to attending lessons without a parent.
  • Parents of middle/high school aged children who attend lessons alone are welcome to sit in the waiting area or drop children off at the lesson.
  • Parents are responsible for note taking during the lesson.
    • You are welcome to make videos, recordings and take photos of your child’s lesson.
    • Make a list of items to practice and how to practice them.

Illness Policy

  • When you are sick, stay home as an act of kindness to yourself and our studio community. This includes family members.
  • I will not re-enroll families who disregard this rule.

Missing Lessons

  • Please be respectful by notifying me if you are unable to attend your lesson or group class.
  • In the event of a schedule conflict, try swapping lessons with another family. Lesson swaps are not available for Pre-Twinkle Group class students.

Weather Policy

  • If CCPS schools are closed, the physical studio will be closed.
    • If schools are closing early and/or afterschool activities are canceled, the physical studio will be closed.
    • If schools are opening with a delay, lessons will be held in studio as usual.
  • Studio closing notices will be posted on the studio website news page.
  • When the physical studio is closed due to the weather, classes will be held online via google hangouts or zoom at your regularly scheduled time.
  • If you are unable to attend the online lesson, you will not receive a refund, credit or makeup lesson.


  • Performance opportunities are held throughout the studio year.
  • Families are expected to be present for the entire performance. The program will not be arranged to accommodate your schedule. This is disrespectful to other families.
  • Graduation recitals held during group classes are covered by your tuition.
  • Some performances will require a small a fee to help cover additional costs or covered by your tuition including: accompanist, venue fee’s, reception and my time.


It is my job to maintain a safe and supportive environment for our community. Without a safe and supportive atmosphere, learning cannot occur.

Therefore, when behavior is disrespectful and/or dangerous, dismissal will occur. This includes behavior from students and/or family members.

No portion of tuition will be refunded as parents are expected to read the policy prior to enrolling. Immediate dismissal (in the middle of class if necessary) will occur if behavior is dangerous.

Examples of behavior resulting in immediate dismissal include: bullying, physical harm to others, malicious destruction of property, possession of weapons, racial or cultural slurs and other abusive/foul language.

If studio policy and classroom rules are not followed but behavior is not dangerous, families will simply not be welcome to enroll in future quarters.