Transfer Families

I’m currently accepting transfer families on a case by case basis. If I don’t have an opening, you are welcome to move forward with observation- your name will be placed on the waiting list.

I understand that all teachers do things differently and that’s okay. However, it can be very difficult for a child to transition into my studio if the previous teacher organized things very differently.

I am a trained suzuki teacher with 13+ years of teaching experience. I  received my training with some of the worlds most sought after teacher trainers. I take my calling very seriously and I’m only interested in working with families who are equally dedicated to improving and becoming better people.

To me, the Suzuki method is about developing a child’s character first. The music is simply a by-product of developing a kind heart. I’m interested in giving children life skills so that our community grows to be more compassionate. 

I require the following:

  •  Memorization of all of the suzuki repertoire pieces.
  • In the beginning children learn pieces by ear. We develop note reading on the side, eventually reading rather than learning by ear later in the repertoire.
  • Regular group class attendance
  • Performances are required. 

Families should understand that if they are in a remedial situation the child will need to go back and study earlier books and pieces. It’s not possible to play advanced literature on a shaky foundation. If a child has never memorized the pieces, the child will need to go back and do so. Children will be placed in group classes based in their current ability, not based on the book they are currently in. For example, a child who is in book 5 but needs remediation at a book 1 level will be placed in the book 1 group class.

While I maintain high standards for my students I  approach families with compassion and understanding for their unique situations. I adapt my teaching to meet the individual  needs of each child. 

If you are ready to work hard and have a very rewarding and life changing experience please contact me to get started on your suzuki journey.

Lots of Love,

Ms. Glenda

How to Get Started:

Call me to let me know of your interest. 443.789.0109. I prefer phone calls for this type of inquiry.  I’m going to ask you a lot of questions regarding your child. This helps me to understand where your child is and if our studio is right for your family. If I feel that our studio maybe  right for you, I will invite you to observe a group class.

Please understand that I’m not interested in families who are searching for a new teacher without first discussing it with their current teacher.

I feel that if any concerns or difficulties should arise, they need to be discussed with your current teacher to see if a solution can be reached before moving on to a new teacher.

I need open and honest communication to be an effective teacher. Searching for a new teacher without your current teacher being in the loop is not open nor is it honest.