Tuition Fees

2017-2018 Tuition Fees:

Registration forms are emailed two weeks before the deadlines below.

Registration and tuition check(s) are due:

  • August 15th for Fall (Sept-Nov.)
  • November 15th for Winter (Dec.- Feb.)
  • February 15th for Spring (March- May)
  • May 15th for Summer (June- Aug.)

Full Term (covers all three months in the term)*:

  • 15 minute: $276
  • 30 minute: $378
  • 45 minute: $510
  • 60 minute: $666

*Full term payments can be broken into 3 equal payments. Three checks will be due with your registration form. Checks will be deposited on the 15th of the month. You will not be placed on the schedule without submitting three checks. You are responsible for all payments should you choose to leave the program before the end of the term.


For 30 minute lessons during fall term, write three checks for $126 each. Date the checks August 15th (for Sept) , Sept 15th (for Oct) and Oct 15th (for Nov). Turn in all three checks with your registration form. Exact dates for checks can be found on your registration form.

If you will divide the full term into “monthly” payments here are the totals for each check:

  • 15 minute: $92
  • 30 minute: $126
  • 45 minute: $170
  • 60 minute: $222

No refunds or credits are given for missed classes or lessons. No refunds given for withdrawal of the program.