Tuition Fees & Due Dates

Tuition Due Dates:

Registration forms are emailed two weeks before the deadlines below:

Tuition fees are found on the registration form.

Registration and tuition check(s) are due:

  • August 15th for Fall (Sept-Nov.) 
    • Form emailed around 8/1
  • November 15th for Winter (Dec.- Feb.)
    • Form emailed around 11/1
  • February 15th for Spring (March- May)
    • Form emailed around 2/1
  • May 15th for Summer (June- Aug.)
    • Form emailed around 5/1

Tuition Fees:

IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE CHILDREN: Simply add the fees for the lesson times above together for your total. The fees listed below are per child. Ex. a child with a 30 minute lesson plus a sibling with a 15 minute lesson would have a tuition total of $654 for the full term or $218 per month.