Parents: Please bring your Suzuki books to group classes so you can follow along and take notes.  This is especially helpful for upcoming pieces as we often touch on “pre-view” spots during group class. Feel free to bring in your own instruments and play along.

Ms. Judy will accompany us on piano once per month.

Each quarter, six group classes are scheduled. We work through one group list per group class. Ideally, children will work on the assigned review pieces prior to the individual lesson schedule before the upcoming group class. This way, children will be able to work out which  pieces are okay and which pieces need to be worked on at a lesson for further help. Please don’t wait until the day before group class or at your lesson directly before group class to begin reviewing.

Read down the columns for the pieces you should prepare for group class (all the same color for each class). Book numbers are indicated by bold box and number. I try to touch on group seven throughout the term and on non- group class weeks. 

If there are pieces on the list that your child hasn’t learned, no problem. This is an opportunity for your child to simply listen to the piece(s) during home practice and again during the group class. Listening is the  number one item to practice daily, so it’s really worth it to take the time. Children may also “shadow bow” pieces they have not yet started during the group class.