Rewards System

Children will not initiate practice until they see the fruit of their own efforts (playing more pieces in group class with friends, hard things becoming easy, graduating, learning a new piece , etc.) Therefore, some extrinsic reward system is needed until this change occurs. Rewards are given for the effort of consistant home practice and book graduations.

Good Homework Chart

Students who practice 4-6 days per week earn a stamp on their homework chart. Stamps are exchanged for rewards. See the list below. Group class and lessons count towards days of practice.
Adults and older students must fill in homework charts to receive stamps. During practice, fill in the chart to indicate what has been practiced that day.

Group Class Rewards

When a child is able to play one of the following pieces, they perform it solo with piano accompaniment during group class. All class members celebrate in their success with a class reward food party.

  • Cupcake Song-Cupcakes
  • May song-Doughnuts
  • Allegro-Popcorn
  • Andantino- Cookies

100 Days of Practice

This challenge is to establish practice as part of the daily routine. Families practice 100 days in a row to earn a medal (presented at the graduation concert). Group class and lessons counts as a day of practice. On the hard/busy days listening to the suzuki recordings count as practice. Adults will need to fill out the homework chart everyday to indicate practice. If a single day is missed, you must start over with day 1. Students who complete 100 days more than once will earn a gold star pin to add to the ribbon of the medal. Medals are worn at graduation concerts to highlight hardworking students.

5 Stamps: Practice Rewards

10-20 Stamps: Practice Rewards

Book Graduation Rewards

Extra Special Rewards

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