Westminster Suzuki Strings was established in 2003 by Glenda Walsh Crouse.

Before World War 2 Dr. Suzuki’s family owned a violin factory. During the war the violin factory was converted to construct seaplane floats. Dr. Suzuki was forced to evacuate to a remote area after the factory was bombed by American war planes. Unfortunately, one of Dr. Suzuki´s brothers died as a result of the bombing. Once the war was over, he was invited to teach at a new music school (he had taught violin before the war.) Dr. Suzuki wanted to bring joy, hope and the promise of a better future to children’s lives following the devastating war. He felt that all children could be educated from age zero to be human beings with noble hearts. His mission was to develop the character of youngsters so that they would grow into adults with the courage and skills needed to prevent war and human rights violations. Suzuki wanted his students to be creative citizens who have the ability to communicate with each other, to collaborate and to have empathy. Dr. Suzuki believed that these skills could be taught through music and that a generation with these skills would one day save the world from needless suffering. All children learn their native tounge with ease; all children can be taught to have a kind heart. Talent for character is not an inherited trait, it must be taught. 

At Westminster Suzuki Strings I carry on Dr. Suzuki´s mission to build noble hearts for a kinder world. We focus on skills such as: accountability, empathy, inclusion, collaboration, trust, creativity, citizenship, responsibility, respect and listening. Character counts and is our first priority followed second by musical skill. 

The format of the classes helps to develop some of these skills:

  • Parent involvement develops collaboration between generations. 
  • Group Class develops empathy for others and the abilty to colloborate with peers. 
  • Individual lessons are about meeting and nurturing the needs of the individual child. 
  • Review builds confidence and from confidence, children develop the will for mastery and perseverance. 

I use a whole child approach to music education and life skill acquisition based on the suzuki method. When you visit the studio, you’ll notice the positive and cooperative environment —This type of environment allows children to flourish and the type of community you’ll find at Westminster Suzuki Strings.

If you are interested in observing a class or learning how to join our studio email me. 

Glenda Walsh Crouse, Director/Teacher