Suzuki Method Violin Classes for children ages 3-7

The Pre-Twinkle level (absolute beginner) prepares children with the very basic skills needed to begin violin study. A large emphasis is placed on listening, posture, instrument/bow hold, ear training and focus.

The PT (Pre-Twinkle) level is broken down into 4 units. On average, it takes 3 months to complete one unit and ultimately one year to complete the PT level. After completing all of the PT material, PT students move to the Twinkle level to learn the Twinkle variations from Suzuki book 1.

Pre-Twinkle classes are partner classes. We call each group a “pod”.

  • Your child will be paired with one or two other children. Maximum class size is 3 children.
  • Pods are scheduled by age at the time of registration and schedule availability.
    • Children are divided into the 3-5 age group and the 6-7 age group.
    • You will indicate your availability on the registration form.
    • Classes are scheduled Monday through Friday.
    • Ages 3-5 are scheduled between 10:30am and 5pm.
    • Ages 6-7 are scheduled between 10:30am and 6:30pm.

Combination of group and individual instruction.

  • Some weeks will be a group format to indtroduce new concepts to all children.
  • Other weeks will be individual focused. Each child will receive individual instruction while classmates observe the lesson.

Parental involvement is a tenent of the Suzuki Philosophy. Parent attendance is required.

  • Parents observe the lessons and take notes and serve as the practice partner.
    • Parents are provided with an online practice guide. This includes recordings and words to songs so that you don’t have to try to remember them or scramble to write everything down at the lesson.
    • Emailed weekly newsletters provide support and practice tips to parents from registraion to the last week of your first quarter.
    • Parent education is provided to help with note taking and understanding the Suzuki Philosophy.

You will need to spend time outside of the lesson for practice.

  • Home practice sessions last 5-15 minutes depending on the child’s ability to focus.
  • Families generally allow for 3-5 days per week in the schedule for practice.

New sessions begin each quarter: September, December, March and June.

  • Registration opens one month before a new quarter begins. Quarters are 11 weeks long.
  • We meet for 30 minutes, weekly. Consult the studio calendar for breaks/closings.

Tuition is $107.79 per child, for the 11 week quarter.

  • Tuition paid electronically via Square. Invoices emailed.
  • No refunds, credits or make-ups for missed classes or withdrawals from the program.

Required Materials

  • You will need to rent an instrument. Rentals are usually $20-$25 per month.
  • Some way to take notes. A composition notebook is recommended.
  • A 3×5 index card holder for flashcards.
    • Children will be provided with a set of flashcards for home practice.
    • Recordings to Suzuki violin book 1.