Classroom Rules

  • If you are sick, stay home (this includes family members). I will not re-enroll families who disregard this rule.
  • Wash your hands before class begins.
  • No running.
  • Don’t Noodle (playing or talking while someone is speaking).
  • Don’t touch the piano.
  • Give everyone personal space.
  • Don’t touch someone else’s instrument without permission.


It is my job to maintain a safe and supportive environment for our community. Without a safe and supportive atmosphere, learning cannot occur.

Therefore, when behavior is disrespectful and/or dangerous, families with be dismissed from the studio. This includes behavior from family members.

No portion of tuition will be refunded as parents are expected to read studio rules/policy prior to enrolling. Immediate dismissal will occur if behavior is dangerous or abusive.

Examples of behavior resulting in immediate dismissal include: bullying, physical harm to others, malicious destruction of property, possession of weapons, racial or cultural slurs and other abusive/foul language.

If studio policy and classroom rules are not followed but behavior is not dangerous/abusive, families will simply not be welcome to enroll in future quarters.