Every Child Can Learn! 

In the Suzuki Method, we don’t believe that talent is inborn, or that one has to be born with musical “talent” to succeed.

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 We believe that children develop musical ability through the right environment at home and in the studio.

Musical ability is developed through hard work. I often hear from new families “I have no musical talent, neither will by child.” Or, “I used to play and I have musical talent, therefore, my child will do well.” I know that this is false.

All children learn to speak their native tongue, naturally and with ease. One day, they become fluent. With this idea in mind we teach music and believe that all children can learn to play music. 

Whatever you water will grow. If you work hard and provide the right environment for math skills, the child will develop in this area. If however, the child doesn’t take the time to  work hard on these skills, they will never develop.




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