Intermediate players (books 4+) and up should experience at some point a visit to the violin shop to audition bows. However, shar music will let you try them from home so it might be possible to audition intermediate and advanced bows via online purchase. These level of bows should also be rehaired every 6 months. It’s not possible to execute advancing tone and bow technique without a better quaility bow.

Beginner students (books 1-3) can get by with less expensive bows. The cost of a rehair is the same as a basic beginner bow. You could have your bow rehaired every six months, or purchase a new bow. Beginner students can only benefit from an intermediate bow-however, I would wait until the child shows respect and responsibility for their beginner bow before upgrading. I would be happy to take old donated bows, please don’t trash them.

Note: the 1/10 & 1/8 size bows are actually the same. If one is out of stock, you can substitute.

Included are bows at various price points from beginner to advanced. Intermediate and advanced bows are marked. Bows from shar may be tried out at home.

Fresh bow hair is essential to good tone.

Before you throw away!!! I gladly accept donated old/unwanted bows! They can come in hand during student bow emergencies! It’s better to reuse then toss out, in my opionion.

ETHICS ALERT! Playing a string instrument and trying to find ethical, sustainable and cruelty free options is really hard! We don’t yet have alternatives for everything but for something things we do. Therefore, it’s possible to make responsible choices. Here is an article from Strings Magazine to help you understand more about where our violin products come from and some possible alternatives.

Article: Bow Makers Seek Sustainable Alternatives

The most eco friendly option for a bow is the carbon fiber bow, it’s nearly indestructible. Unfortunately, harvesting wood for bows has endangered the trees and has destroyed the surrounded habitats and eco systems in South America. As most people, I prefer the sound and feel of a wood bow. However, as a compromise I only purchase used wood bows. I also own a lovely carbon fiber bow, perfect for outdoor playing or in situations that I feel my bow might be in danger.

Also keep in mind that some items on a violin bow are illegal in various contries, if you plan to travel with our instrument be sure to check before hand that your instrument or bow won’t be confiscated. If so, leave it home and find a suitable alternative, like carbon fiber.

1/32- 4/4

1/16 – 4/4

1/4 – 4/4

3/4 – 4/4