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Testing Out

Pass the final test of a level to move to the next.

Testing fee: $21

If you have previous experience with music theory and would like to test out of a level you may do so.

How to test out:

  • Email me, let me know which level you’d like to test out of.
  • I will email you the final test.
  • Look over the test and decide if you know all the topics covered. If not, register for the class.
  • If you’re confident in your knowledge of the material, complete the test. Email a photo of the test back to me.
  • Pay the testing fee of $21
  • If you pass the test (at 100%) you can move to the next level.
  • If you fail the test (answering one question incorrectly) enroll in the class or repeat the test (test fee applies each time you take the test).
  • If you pass, you can enroll in the next level.

Topics Covered

Music Theory 1

Beginning Theory

Prerequisite: None

Staff, Treble & Bass Clefs; Line & Space Names; Notation; Whole, half, quarter, eighth notes & rests; Measure; 2/3,,3/4, 4/4 time signatures; Note/ Rest values, Dotted Notes, Ledger lines, Repeats; 1st & 2nd endings, Tie; Slur; Flat; Sharp; Natural; Accidentals.

Music Theory 2

Intermediate Theory

Prerequisite: Theory 1

Key signatures, Flat/ Sharp keys; Sixteenth notes/ rests; Dotted eighth notes; Alla Breve; Intervals; Whole/ half steps; Tetrachords; Major scales; Circle of Keys; Slow/Fast 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 Time Signatures. Syncopation.

Music Theory 3

Advanced Theory

Prerequisite: Theory 2

Chromatic scales; Enharmonic tones; Signs & Abbreviations, Minor scales, Syllables, Transposition, Complex time signatures, Perfect & Major Intervals, Minor intervals, Augmented & Diminished intervals, Two-part harmony, Major chords-triads, Scale of triads, Dominant 7th chord, Conducting .

Music Theory 4

Elementary Harmony & Arranging

Prerequisite: Theory 3

Triads, Harmonizing with Chords, Passing and Neighboring Notes, Triads in Arpeggio Form, the Subdominant Triad, Dominant Seventh Chord, Melody Writing, Harmonizing Melodies, Harmonizing Major and Minor Chords, and Recognizing Minor Chords.

Music Theory 5

Intermediate Harmony & Arranging

Prerequisite: Theory 4

Chord Positions, Chord Inversions, Four-Part Writing, Arranging for Voices, Secondary Chords, Transposing Instruments, Arranging for Brass, Woodwinds, and Piano.

Music Theory 6

Advanced Harmony & Arranging

Prerequisite: Theory 5

Arranging for Voices, Transposing Instruments, Form in Music, Cadences, Non Harmonic Tones, Simple Modulation, Military Marches, Dominant Ninth Chord, The String Selection, Key Relationships, and a Chord Chart.