Suzuki Method Violin Classes for children ages 4-10

The Pre-Twinkle level (absolute beginner) prepares children with the very basic skills needed to begin violin study. A large emphasis is placed on listening, posture, instrument/bow hold, ear training and focus.

The PT (Pre-Twinkle) level is broken down into 4 units. On average, it takes 3 months to complete one unit and ultimately one year to complete the PT level. After completing all of the PT material, PT students move to the Twinkle level to learn the Twinkle variations from Suzuki book 1.

New sessions begin each quarter: September, December, March and June.

  • Quarters run approximately 11 weeks.
  • We meet for 30 minutes, weekly. Consult the studio calendar for breaks/closings.
  • Students keep the same class day/time year round. You’re welcome to make a change provided there is an available time slot.
  • Pre-Twinkle students participate in our whole studio Play-ins. These occur once per quarter.

Pre-Twinkle classes are partner classes.

  • Your child will be paired with one or two other children.
    • Due to social distancing guidelines, a maximum of 2 students will be allowed per class.
    • Maximum class size is 3 children.
    • Children are divided into groups by age (4-5; 6-7; 8-10).
    • If no partner can be found, you may enroll as a private pre-twinkle student at a higher tuition rate.

Parental involvement is a tenent of the Suzuki Philosophy. Parent attendance is required.

  • Parents observe the lessons, take notes and serve as the practice partner for home practice.

You will need to spend time outside of the lesson for practice.

Successful students in the program:

  • Have an adult to initiates, guides and lends support during practice.
  • Practice for 3-5 days per week, 5-15 minutes per day; outside of lessons.
  • Listen daily to the practice recordings.
  • Attends all classes.

An informal group Graduation recital will be held during the last group class of each quarter.