Small repairs are free of charge for students enrolled in the studio. The following fees are for students not currently enrolled in the studio. For larger repairs contact Lashof Violins in Gaithersburg, MD. Unfortunately, this is the closest qualified Luthier to us—BUT they are fantastic!

Payment is due at the appointment. Appointments are scheduled in 15 or 30 minutes intervals, depending on the repair needed. Repairs are made during the appointment-drop off not accepted. Prices vary depending on instrument.

Call/Text to set up your appointment. I don’t take messages over the weekend or holidays—I’ll respond on Monday.

Apply finger tapes (stripes)$5$5
Install customer supplied strings$20$25
Install strings purchased from me. Cost of strings plus $25TBDTBD
Reset sound post$15$20
Rest bridge$10$15
Slipping pegs$15$20
Stuck pegs$25$30
Tuning Lesson$30$30
Remove objects stuck inside$15$15
Rosin bow$5$5
Troubleshoot bow issues (slides on strings, no sound, tighten/loosen)$5$5
Troubleshoot rattles and buzzing$5$5
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