Studio Policy



Individual lessons are held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting at 10am and ending by 7:30pm in the studio. Group classes are held weekly on Wednesday at the church. We are a year round program, however there are breaks in June and August, giving a short break. The studio is closed for all federal holidays and there is a break each quarter. Participation in all studio events are required to hold your place in the program: lessons, group, classes and graduation concerts. When enrolling, parents agree to not schedule other events or enroll in other activities that conflict with our group classes and concert schedule.

Tuition covers weekly lessons, group classes, two graduation concerts per year and all materials required for lessons (except violin rental payments). Tuition is not collected for holidays and breaks. Tuition is calculated for the year and divided into equal payments therefore the amount will be the same for each payment regardless of the number of lessons in the quarter.

Tuition will not be refunded for any reason, including early withdrawal before or after term begins. Tuition is collected quarterly and is due August 15th, November 15th, February 15th and May 15th. Lessons will be paused if payment is not received by the 20th of the month. Payment method accepted: Check, PayPal and cash. Smaller installment payment options are available via autopay (no check or cash). Parents are responsible for the whole quarter tuition even if withdrawl from the program prior to the end of the quarter.

30 minute lessons: $375 (per quarter). 45 minute lessons: $579 (per quarter). 60 minute lessons $ 750 (per quarter).

All children should have access to high quality education regardless of income and social status. Therefore, I aim to make tuition fees affordable and equitable. If you are not able to afford tuition as quoted, or if your circumstances change, please reach out to complete an application for reduced tuition fees. Household income and number of family members considered. Credit score is not a factor. Let’s have a conversation that can lead us to making sure we can find a way to make lessons affordable for your family.

Missing Lessons

Cancel through My Music Staff. You will receive a make-up credit. You can use this credit to reschedule. 4 Make-up lessons are offered during the studio year (sept-Aug). Additional makeups offered at my discretion and availability. Make-up credits expire after 90 days and they don’t roll over into the next studio year. Makeup lessons will not be rescheduled/made-up. No make-ups for missed group classes. In the extremely rare event that I need to cancel a lesson, I will reschedule. If I’m not feeling well but still able to teach, lessons will be held virtually. Participation in group class is required to participate in graduation concerts. Give 30 days notice to you wish to terminate lessons to avoid invoicing for the upcoming quarter.

Lessons will not be extended if running late.

Weather Policy

If CCPS are closed, classes are held virtually at the regularly scheduled time. If schools are closing early and/or after school activities are canceled classes will be held virtually. If schools are opening with a delay, classes will be held in the studio as usual.If school is closed/closing early group class will be held on ZOOM. If you are not able to attend virtually, cancel through MMS for a make-up credit.

Illness Policy

Stay home if anyone in the family is sick. Anyone arriving symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, etc) will be sent home immediately without option for make-up. Lessons maybe held virtually if any party is sick. You may cancel the lesson in My Music Staff and opt for a make-up if too ill for a virtual lesson.

Violin & Materials

All materials required for lessons are provided. Do not get a violin before you begin lessons. Violins must be approved by Sensei, of the correct size and properly set up before you begin using it.

Practice & Listening

Families are expected to listen to the recordings and practice 4-6 days per week in this program. 4-6 days includes lesson and group class days. Less than 4 days of practice per week will not result in progress.


Two Graduation concerts are held year studio year. The first in October and the second in April. As performance is a pillar in musical education all families are expected to participate. Smaller performance opportunities are held throughout the year and are optional.

Contact & Media

All lesson cancelation and registration should be completed through My Music Staff rather than contacted me directly. Feel free to reach out via text, phone and email for other matters. I don’t take messages during lessons or over the weekend. Photo and video of your child may be posted on social media or used for promotional materials.


When behavior is disrespectful and/or dangerous, families will be dismissed from the studio. No portion of tuition will be refunded if dismissed—-adults are expected to read studio policy prior to enrolling. Immediate dismissal will occur if behavior is dangerous or abusive. Examples of behavior resulting in immediate dismissal include: bullying, physical harm to others, destruction of property, possession of illicit drugs/paraphernalia, weapons, racial or cultural slurs and other abusive/foul language, for entering into any private areas of my home, and failure to follow COVID policies.

Social Media

Families are welcome to follow our social media accounts. As a policy, I don’t follow families back or send/accept friend requests.

Referral Program

When you refer a family to the studio and they enroll in lessons, you receive a free lesson!


Private Lessons

300 Avalon Lane Westminster, MD 21158.

Group Classes

Westminster Church of the Brethren

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