Directions to the Church

All Group classes are held at the church.

Please read and follow directions carefully.

CHURCH ADDRESS: IF you put in the address for the church, It stops at the WRONG church. The church and parking lot are the corner of Park Place and Park Avenue.  Type “Park Avenue Westminster MD 21157” into GPS. There are two church’s with a park between them (Belle Grove square). Westminster Church of the Brethren is the correct church. Saint Paul’s is the wrong church.

When on BOND street, you must continue through the light passing GREEN STREET. Turn on to PARK PLACE. You use the address for “Keep and Till- 5 Park Place Westminster, MD and it will get you closer. 😅 IF the parking lot and doors don’t match the photo below—-you’re at the wrong church. Get in the car and use the map below and the directions above.

PARKING: Available along the street and the lot on the side of the church. See lot in photo above. 

Enter though the DOUBLE RED Doors pictured above. Walk down the stairs. Follow the hallway to the end. We are in the fellowship hall-right hand side. You’ll hear us.

If you need elevator access-follow the side walk off to the side of the building. You’ll see a white door marked with handicap sign and push button to open the door. Take the elevator to the basement. The elevator opens into the fellowship hall. Be kind—unless you have a real need to use the elevator, use the stairs.

PHONE: (443) 789-1648. 


MASKS & COVID CDC CARDS: During medium and high COVID transmission surges, If you’re not able to provide COVID vaccination proof, masks that cover both the nose and the mouth are required at all times for ages 2+. Reschedule if anyone in your family is symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, fever) or tests positive for COVID. I’m fully vaccinated and bivalent boosted, A copy of my CDC card is available for anyone who would like to review it. 

GUESTS: Welcome provided they are not a distraction to all parties. Guests must follow COVID guidelines.

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