Directions to the Studio

All Prospective family meetings and individual lessons are held at the studio.

ADDRESS: My address is 300 Avalon Lane, Westminster MD 21158. 

PHONE: (443) 789-1648


PARKING: When you turn onto Avalon Lane (it’s actually a court). Drive to the the end of the road. We are the brick rancher right in the center. Green mail box, it’s on the LEFT of our drive way. SEE ATTACHED PHOTO. Pull all the way into the driveway and park to one side of the driveway so no one gets parked in.  Don’t park in the grass. I’ll walk out and meet you in the driveway. 

  • Children/siblings will not be left unattended in the car. 
  • Parents will attend lessons with their child, or in the case of older students (13+) may drop off. No idling cars or hanging out in the car during/after lessons. 
  • Please remember our studio is in a private residence. The only areas in my home open to studio members are the studio and studio bathroom. 
  • We consider the backyard a private area of the property. Families are not permitted to wander the property or walk through the backyard.

MASKS & COVID CDC CARDS: During medium and high COVID transmission rates as reported by the CDC, If you’re not able to provide COVID vaccination proof, masks that cover both the nose and the mouth are required at all times for ages 2+. Reschedule if anyone in your family is symptomatic (coughing, sneezing, fever) or tests positive for COVID. I’m fully vaccinated and have received the bivalent booster. A copy of my CDC card is available in the studio for anyone who would like to review it. 

NO SHOES: We don’t wear shoes in the studio. You are welcome to bring slippers. Non-slip socks/slippers are also encouraged.

NO FOOD: Water bottles/travel cups are okay.

SHORT & CLEAN FINGERNAILS: Clip and file your fingernails before your lesson.

We wash our hands or use hand sanitizer before all class

GUESTS: Welcome at the studio provided they are not a distraction to all parties. Guests must follow COVID guidelines. There is no waiting room and limited seating 5 people total (including myself) fit comfortably in the studio. 

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