Deconstructed Music

This is a practice tool that should only be used by students that are starting to read from their suzuki books or who have already established sold reading skill. Please check with your teacher first. This practice tool is designed: To help with memorization To aid learning and memorize bowings. To break pieces into smallContinue reading “Deconstructed Music”

Glitter Cup Review

The glitter cup review is a fun way to review your old favorites pieces (previously graduated pieces). It’s a system that also tracks which piece you have reviewed during the week within this system. It’s not necessary to track pieces with additional chart, saving you time! Tracking your review pieces is a good idea, thisContinue reading “Glitter Cup Review”

3 Charts for Organized Practice

We learn in layers. Always cycling back to the older pieces to build on them and bring them to higher musicality. This means, that after a few months as a suzuki family you have quite a few pieces to keep track of !!!!  How do you keep it organized? How do you know which piecesContinue reading “3 Charts for Organized Practice”