Group Repertoire

For group class pieces I stick to a preset schedule. Doing so allows us to focus on the ensemble aspects of playing rather than attending to individual technical  needs of students during group class time.

Students need to prepare for the group by making sure they are able to play the selected review pieces in tune, with the correct fingers and bow directions. 

Students only need to review the pieces on the list that are review for them. It’s not necessary to learn a piece from the list that we (student and teacher) have not started together in an individual lesson. We will go over the pieces to be played at group during the individual lesson that occurs before the group class. 

At group we have some goals in mind for our Suzuki Repertoire:

  • The first is to apply whatever technical challenge we are working on for the month to the pieces ( Bow hold, bow flavors, finger patterns). 
  • The second goal is to work on ensemble skills: Staying together, tone and musicality (dynamics/phrasing).

Parents: Bring your Suzuki books to group classes.  Follow along and take notes in your books. Parents are welcome to bring in instruments and play along! 

Violin List

Cello List