Note Reading/Music Theory

All worksheets can be found at the studio, unless a link is provided.

ICRM: I Can Read Music  ( your note reading and rhythm book).

  • Musical Terms. How many words/ terms can you learn?
  • Complete a music theory page.
  • Can you read your notes upside down?
    • Use your flashcards/ICRM book. Show me in a lesson or send a video. You can also post the video to our studio facebook.
  • ICRM Time Challenge.
    • Make 5 photocopies of a page from ICRM. Write in the note names and finger numbers. How long does it take you to complete. Write the time at the top of the page. Repeat for all five sheets. Staple them together and turn them in to me.
  • Write in the counting for 5 or 10 RHYTHM pages in ICRM ( I Can Read Music)
  • Practice coloring Red 2’s and Blue 2’s. Worksheets at the studio.