Performance Projects

Students need to complete two performances each term.

  • One performance must be a studio sponsored performance and;
  • the second can be either a second studio sponsored performance or a performance project. This page discusses the latter.

A performance project is a performance that is NOT sponsored by the studio.  You will need to produce evidence of your work to place in your portfolio (picture, videos, concert programs etc).

Fall 2016 performance projects are due by December 10th. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

Video Sharing Requirements

For the performance project, if you are not playing for a live audience,  you are required to make and share the video you make with friends and families. Otherwise, there is no real performance aspect to this project.

If you are performing for a live audience, you can send a photo instead of a video as there is a performance aspect to your project. However, I will not be able to asses performance skills from a photo. I do prefer the video.

Here are possible ways to share videos:

  • Post it on your personal Facebook page (if you have “friended” me on Facebook, simply tag me.
  • Post it on the  Studio Facebook page.
  • You can also send it to me via text, facebook messages or google drive. Email will work for medium to small videos only.

Performance Projects Ideas:

  • Record a video playing a suzuki book piece.
  • Organize your own concert.
  • Perform at a home concert (on your front porch, side walk, religious community, school, nursing home, family functions).  
  • Participate in the “final” performance at a Suzuki Summer institute.
  • Live stream a performance. Don’t forget to announce it in advance!
  • Youth Orchestra Concert
  • Busking