***Worksheets available at the studio.

  • Go to a concert. Complete the worksheet*** . Provide a copy of the program and or photos.
  • Musical play date. Get together with your studio friends. Put on a concert or play “group class”. Take turns being the teacher. Send me a video/pictures. Or post them to the studio facebook.
  • How can you help the community with your musical skills? Perform at a nursing home? Run your idea by Ms. Glenda and then make a plan!
  • Musical Slumber Party. Can you theme it around one of the suzuki pieces?
  • Host a Music Night/Party/Barbecue and invite your suzuki classmates.
  • Go to someones house who can’t get out to hear live music
  • Play for a fundraiser or other community event
  • Create a GoFundMe page to raise money for a good cause. Post photos and videos of you playing periodically to help raise money. Donate the money to the cause, send Ms. Glenda the link to your page.