Benefits of Suzuki Classes

Why take Pre-Twinkle at Westminster Suzuki Strings?

  • Ms. Glenda is a veteran teacher with 14 years of teaching experience.
  • Ms.Glenda is trained in preschool instrumental pedagogy.
  • Ms. Glenda Teacher is Suzuki trained and certified.
  • Ms.Glenda  has a music degree and background in Music education and Violin performance.
  • Ms. Glenda  is respected in the Suzuki Community, published Journal articles in the Suzuki Association Journal (international publication).
  • Curriculum designed to develop students musically, socially and emotionally.
  • Children will practice social skills and classroom learning skills, helping for preschool and kindergarten readiness.
  • In our classes we focus on development of a steady beat; essential for music skills but also literacy and reading skills.
  • Our classes help to develop listening skills, following directions to complete tasks.
  • Children develop focus skills.
  • Children learn to read and clap rhythms, essential in musical literacy.
  • Children develop a basic understand of music theory and the basic elements of music (tone, intonation, tempo, dynamics, articulation, etc.)
  • Children will develop pitch accuracy.
  • Children will learn to find their singing voices, and become comfortable singing for others.
  • Children will learn to play musical instruments using correct technique, developing real skill.