Dear Prospective Families,

I am a trained suzuki teacher with 13+ years of teaching experience. I  received my training with some of the worlds most sought after teacher trainers. I take my calling very seriously and I’m only interested in working with families who are equally dedicated to improving and becoming better people.

To me, the Suzuki method is about developing a child’s character first. The music is simply a by-product of developing a kind heart. I’m interested in giving children life skills so that our community grows to be more compassionate. 

I don’t believe that children should simply be moved along through the repertoire without  mastering each step along the way.  This is the reason for our mixed ages group classes.  In the “real world” we have to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. I don’t feel that I’m preparing my students for life by limiting them to children of their age group. Children will need to demonstrate mastery of concepts and repertoire, before moving to higher group class levels.

 I require the following:

  •  Memorization of all of the suzuki repertoire pieces.
  •  In the beginning, children learn pieces by ear. We develop note reading on the side, eventually reading rather than learning by ear later in the repertoire.
  • Regular group class attendance.
  • Performance participation.

While I maintain high standards for my students I  approach families with compassion and understanding for their unique situations. I adapt my teaching to meet the individual  needs of each child. 

If you are ready to work hard and have a very rewarding and life changing experience please contact me to get started on your suzuki journey.

Lots of Love,

Ms. Glenda