Preparing for Observation

NOTE: It’s recommended that you start observations at least one month BEFORE you wish to begin classes. REQUIREMENTS: You will need to observe a group classes and an individual lesson if you’d like to enroll.

Family, friends and siblings are always welcome at our studio. Children who wish to participate in our programs should attend observation.


My expectation is that visitors will not distract the children. Visiting children should find quiet activities so that you, the parent, are able to focus on the lesson. Do not play on cell phones.

Siblings and friends may participate by singing along, clapping or playing along on foam/box violins.

I do ask that when children  become a distraction, that they are taken out to the waiting area–sometimes they just need a change of view or break, but quickly recover. Please return when we reach a point of calm and focus. If you need to leave early due to behavior or meltdowns we certainly understand.

I don’t always have time to answer questions before and after classes. I wish I did, but this is the nature of having a full studio- our group classes overlap. Please  write down your thoughts and questions during your observation. Contact me via phone or email with our questions and I’d be happy to answer them.

After your observations, please contact me if you are interested in moving forward. I believe that families should come to me and ask for lessons after and observation. I don’t bug families until they make a choice. If I don’t hear back from you, I will assume that you have decided not to enroll at WSS.

Email  me to schedule your observation.