About Sensei & The Program

About Sensei/ Ms. Glenda Walsh Crouse

I began Westminster Suzuki Strings in 2003 to provide high quality violin instruction that’s actually fun in Carroll County, Maryland! As of June 2022 I have entered my 19th year of educating young artists. I began my own violin journey as a suzuki kid in the early 1990’s! I currently reside in Westminster, MD with my husband Greg and our cats. I have studied Violin Performance, Suzuki violin pedagogy, Music Education, Therapeutic Music as well as hospice and palliative care at Carroll Community College, Towson University, The Greater Washington Suzuki Institute and the Larner College of Medicine (University of Vermont). In addition to teaching music, I also work as a Clinical Musician (therapeutic music) and Death Doula (End of Life care, Hospice/Palliative care). I provide care in the ICU, NICU, PICU and other medical settings.

How do families address you?

We use a lot of Japanese customs and etiquette in the studio. We use the international bow as a greeting and Japanese honorifics. Parents may address me by first name or the same manner as their child. Students may address me as:

  • Sensei (pronounced “sen-say”, Japanese)
    • Sensei (先生) meaning “teacher” or literally translated, “born first” or “one who has gone before”. A Sensei is a person who has knowledge and is willing to teach that knowledge to another. This honorific applies to any gender, Miss, Mr or Ms. is not added.
  • Ms. (pronounced “miz”) Glenda. Not “Miss”

Pre-Twinkle Violin

A 9 month violin program for absolute beginners.

Ages 3+
3 children & 3 adults per class due to studio size.

Currently Enrolling for the 2022-2023 Program. Classes begin September 2022. Space is limited, families encouraged to register by July 15th to ensure a spot in the program. $100 non-refundable fee to hold your spot.Fee will be applied to tuition. $50 discount if enrolled by July 15th. Enrollment deadline & tuition due August 15th Payment plans available.

The Pre-Twinkle program provides children with the very basic skills needed to play the violin through games. Classes are preparation for learning play the Twinkles. Children begin on a box or foam violin and graduate to a real instrument around month 3.

Do not aquire a violin before lessons begin.

Semi- private Lessons are held twice per week from September- May. One group class is held the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm in place the semi-private lesson.

From June-August Private lessons are offered once a week for pre-twinklers. Pre-twinklers continue to attend the monthly group class during the summer months.

Why Semi-Private Lessons?

Children progress faster and find lessons more enjoyable when making new friends! Semi-private lessons make violin more affordable. Consider sharing our program with friends and family to help form your group! Refer a family, get a free lesson when they enroll.


Tuition covers the 9 month program (all classes from Sept-May) plus all materials excluding a violin. $75 non-refundable fee to hold your spot. Fee will be applied to tuition. $50 discount if enrolled by July 15th. Tuition balance due in full by August 15th. Payment plans available, please inquire.

Private Violin Lessons

Lessons offered for children ages 3+.

Students meet weekly at a regularly scheduled time to refine violin technique & focus skills.

Children and their parents learn what and how to practice during private lessons. Students are encouraged to play violin 3- 5 days per week outside of lessons & group class. Parents attend lessons and take notes until the child is middle school aged so the parent can be the child’s violin helper at home.

Inclusive Group Class

Open to all students enrolled in our studio, including absolute beginners (pre-twinklers) who are learning on box violins. Everyone will have something to play regardless of playing level!

Group classes are part of our regular program and are included in your tuition.

The whole studio meets once per month to apply violin skills to playing with others. We meet as a mixed aged and mixed playing ability group. Children learn to work together to prepare polished pieces for group class recitals.
Children and their parents learn ensemble skills and etiquette. Opportunities provided to socialize, play games and play with piano accompaniment. Low stress solo performance opportunities provided.

Our Studio members performing at Strathmore

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