The Program

Everyone is welcome and nurtured by the Suzuki community. Ideology that aims to dehumanize is not compatible with Suzuki Philosophy and is not welcome in our studio.

Method & Philosophy

The Suzuki Philosophy is a method that educates children in the same way they learn to speak their native language. Through immersion, listening, observation, repetition, and positive encouragement—all within a nurturing community environment. Talent is not an inherited genetic trait. Suzuki pedagogy believes that children can be educated to become talented, if provided the right environment. Our goal is to help each child realize their own maximum potential. Click here to learn more about the Suzuki approach to education.


Our program runs year-round: Fall( September through January). Spring (February- June) and Summer (July & August). We close for breaks throughout the year; studio families have access to both digital ( My Music Staff) and paper calendars. New families are welcome to enroll at any point during the year.

Group Classes

Group classes are held weekly on Wednesday. Topics for group occurs on a rotational schedule: Week 1: Games played for technical development. Week 2: Piano rehearsal for concert prep, graduation and ensemble skills. Week 3: Musicianship & Note Reading. Week 4: Optional class. Violin Storytime allows children to be creative using songs and techniques studied too add music/sound effects to picture books. Week 5: No group class. All fees for group classes are included in your tuition.

—-Ready, Set, VOLIN! & Pre-Twinklers attend group weekly, working to complete the 33 steps to Twinkle.
—-Twinklers through Book 2 attend three group classes per month with an optional fourth.
—-Book 3+ students attend one group per month (2nd week) and are welcome to attend other classes to practice leadership/assist Sensei with beginners.

Individual Lessons

Individual lesson scheduled on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday starting at 10:30am and ending by 7:30pm. In general, families keep the same lesson day/time throughout the year with changes available if needed— however families must choose from teachers availability. All fees for individual lessons are included in your tuition.


Two graduation concerts are held annually (on a Saturday afternoon) in both October and April. Graduation concerts are in a group format. All fees for graduation concerts are included in your tuition. Optional Solo recitals May be held though out the year however, fees are not included in tuition. Click here to learn more about the Graduation Process.

Books & Materials

Books & materials required for lessons are included in your tuition, minus digital suzuki violin recordings and apps. Tuition does not include a violin. Do not get a violin prior to enrolling- I will guide you in this process.

Recommended Videos

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