About Sensei & The Program

We carry on Dr. Suzuki’s mission to build noble hearts for a kinder world through violin study. Suzuki’s educational approach has its roots in radical inclusion, social justice and nurturing the whole child. Ideology and philosophy that aims to dehumanize are not compatible with Suzuki Philosophy. We do not welcome dehumanizing behavior in the studio.

Westminster Suzuki Strings offers comprehensive violin training and artistic development for children ages 3+. Student levels range from absolute beginner to conservatory auditions for college music majors.

The large group classes and indoor recitals are on pause for the duration of the pandemic.

About Sensei/ Ms. Glenda Walsh Crouse

I began Westminster Suzuki Strings in 2003 to provide high quality violin instruction with a lot of heart to Carroll County, Maryland. As of June 2022 I have entered my 19th year of educating young artists. I began my own violin journey as a suzuki kid in the early 1990’s!

I currently reside in Westminster, MD with my husband Greg and three adorable but destructive kittens.

I have studied Violin Performance, Suzuki violin pedagogy, Music Education, Therapeutic Music as well as hospice and palliative care at Carroll Community College, Towson University, The Greater Washington Suzuki Institute and the Larner College of Medicine (University of Vermont).

In addition to teaching music, I also work as a Clinical Musician (therapeutic music) and Death Doula (End of Life care, Hospice/Palliative care). I provide care in the ICU, NICU, PICU and other medical settings.

In my free time I write and illustrate picture books for children. I blog about green living and vegan recipes. I also enjoy bowling!

How do families address you?

Parents may address me by first name or the same manner as their child.

Students may address me as:

  • Sensei (pronounced “sen-say”, Japanese)
    • Sensei (先生) meaning “teacher” or literally translated, “born first” or “one who has gone before”. A Sensei is a person who has knowledge and is willing to teach that knowledge to another.
  • Ms. (pronounced “miz”) Glenda. Not “Miss”

Private & Semi-Private Violin Lessons

Lessons offered for children ages 3+.

Families with children under age 3 are welcome to observe group classes as part of a Suzuki method emersion experience prior to formal enrollment . Contact me for details.

Private lessons are held in my home studio located in Westminster, Maryland.

Private lessons: Students meet weekly at a regularly scheduled time to refine violin technique & focus skills.

Semi-private lessons are small groups of 3 children who meet twice per week (September- May). Private pre-twinkle lessons offered in the summer in lieu of semi-private classes. Each child receives individual instruction while classmates observe. Semi-private lessons are more affordable than private lessons. Children progress faster and find lessons more enjoyable when beginning with semi-private lessons. Consider sharing our program with friends and family to help form your group.

Children and their parents learn what and how to practice during private lessons. Students are encouraged to practice 5-6 days per week for a time equal to that of their private lesson. Parents attend lessons and take notes until the child is middle school aged so the parent can be the child’s practice helper at home. Lessons held year-round, including summer.

Inclusive Group Class

Open to all students enrolled in our studio, including absolute beginners (pre-twinklers) who are learning on box violins. Everyone will have something to play regardless of playing level.

Group classes are part of our regular program and are included in your tuition. Group classes may not be taken without private instruction.

Group class is on pause due to the pandemic. As soon as we are able to resume, families will be notified.

The whole studio meets once per month to apply violin skills to playing with others. We meet as a mixed aged and mixed playing ability group. Children learn to work together to prepare polished pieces for group class recitals. Eligibility to participate in graduation concerts depends on group class attendance.

Children and their parents learn ensemble skills and etiquette. Opportunities provided to socialize, play games and play with piano accompaniment. Low stress solo performance opportunities provided. Parents attend group class and take notes until the child is middle school aged, at that time attendance is optional but for drop off/pick you must be prompt.

Our Studio members performing at Strathmore

Music & Mindfulness Class: Intro to Music

This is not a violin or instrument specific class.

The music & mindfulness class (ages 3-5) teaches through play. This class aims to internalize musical concepts such as pulse, rhythm, etc. Children use drums, xylophone’s, beach balls, scarves dance and sing fun songs to learn musical concepts!

We learn and practice skills of focus, concentration and mindfulness; skills that ready a child to learn. We play “energy & stop” games to encourage listening and following directions. Games are played to grow focus skills such as watching and listening deeply.

While this class is not instrument specific, it does lead to our Pre-Twinkle Suzuki Violin program. Children (and parents) become familiar with the Suzuki pieces they will learn if they choose to enroll in formal lessons.

Parent/ Adult Violin Class

  • 3 seats per class. Adults only, no children.
  • Tuition is due at the time of registration. Small discount for parents/caregivers of children enrolled in the program

A six week group violin class to learn the very basics of violin playing. Suitable for adults who want to explore the violin and for current/prospective Suzuki Adults who would like to learn the basics of playing to better help their child at home.

Topics include: taking a bow, posture, bow hold, tuning, bowing & rhythm patterns, rhythmic bow arm, string changing, placing fingers on the strings, using fingers and the bow together, A major scale. Suzuki method philosophy is sprinkled in; however, this class is focused on the technical playing aspects.

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