Studio Instagram

We now have a studio Instagram! Follow us, if you like. If you practice your violin outside on a nice day or take it with you on vacation; tag a photo and tag the studio! @21157suzukistrings Or, click here to see our instagram page.

Violin/Bow Parts Quizzes Available

I have added pre-twinkle through advanced level violin/bow parts quizzes to the quiz page. Feel free to use these as tools for home practice. You may repeat the quiz multiple times, if you like. For future reference, the quiz page can be found under the full program tab on the man website menu. Pre-twinkle/twinkle studentsContinue reading “Violin/Bow Parts Quizzes Available”

$5 Community Group Class Meets Tonight !!!

Join us tonight for our suzuki violin group class! This class is open to the community, so bring a violin friend or share this post! Children will meet to play through the suzuki violin repertoire starting with the Twinkle variations and moving up to more advanced pieces. Memorization of pieces is not required, but highlyContinue reading “$5 Community Group Class Meets Tonight !!!”